Novell and IBM to Implement XForms in Mozilla

Tuesday August 10th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation has announced a project to implement XForms in collaboration with Novell and IBM. The effort aims to add support for the XForms 1.0 Standard to Mozilla.

XForms is the W3C's XML-based Web forms technology. It offers many more features than standard HTML forms, including support for input validation and integration with Web services. However, some critics maintain that XForms is too complicated for Web authors and difficult for vendors to implement (no major browser yet supports XForms).

More information about the XForms implementation can be found at the Mozilla XForms project page and the W3C XForms site has more general information about the standard. Both Novell and IBM have developed XForms applications before (the Novell XForms Technology Preview and the IBM XML Forms Package).

#9 "cross-browser evolution"

by karlhp

Wednesday August 11th, 2004 5:28 PM

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"cross-browser evolution" I think the cross browser solution will be HTML 4.1 still for many years, little will change unless Internet Explorer settles on another standard or if its market share dramatically shrinks. For most of the big web this will just be fine. What is in my opinion interesting is the small web, the many intranets, small and large, they demand more than what HTML 4.1 is and they are in the position to introduce new technology, they don't have the constraints of the big web. Technology which gets accepted by the small web will drive the big web in future, that's how I see it. Just don't know what Technology this will be, XForms, XHTML2, XUL or others? Would be interesting to know.