Novell and IBM to Implement XForms in Mozilla

Tuesday August 10th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation has announced a project to implement XForms in collaboration with Novell and IBM. The effort aims to add support for the XForms 1.0 Standard to Mozilla.

XForms is the W3C's XML-based Web forms technology. It offers many more features than standard HTML forms, including support for input validation and integration with Web services. However, some critics maintain that XForms is too complicated for Web authors and difficult for vendors to implement (no major browser yet supports XForms).

More information about the XForms implementation can be found at the Mozilla XForms project page and the W3C XForms site has more general information about the standard. Both Novell and IBM have developed XForms applications before (the Novell XForms Technology Preview and the IBM XML Forms Package).

#2 WHAT?

by dave532

Wednesday August 11th, 2004 12:07 AM

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How does this fit in with the work of the WHATWG? who are working on simpler HTML-like forms which are likely to cover the most important features of xforms but in a simpler way?

I'm fairly sure xforms support will be a compile time option just like mathml, svg, etc but the question is when it's ready will anyone use it, and if no one uses it should we enable it by default? Full MNG support was removed because they wanted to save space now we're in the vicious circle of no one uses it so it's not included and no one will use it because it's not supported - so I guess it's a hard decision to make