Two New Mozilla Projects

Sunday April 25th, 1999

From arielb comes more Mozilla news. First, a company called Nexware is apparently porting (or has ported) GLIB and GTK+ to the QNX realtime OS. These libraries, according to their Projects page, are required to compile Mozilla, which leads me to believe that they have either successfully compiled, or are currently working on compiling, Mozilla for this platform. Nexware developed the MyWeb browser for the Philips MyWeb Internet appliance.

Second is a new browser from Custom Browser. This app seems to be similar to NeoPlanet, in which both IE and Gecko rendering engines will be available.

#1 Re:Two New Mozilla Projects

by Kovu

Sunday April 25th, 1999 12:39 PM

RIGHTEOUS! This means the new AmigaSoft operating environment, due in November and written with QNX as a foundation, will have Mozilla support! Even if that's not what this is it still means the Amiga port will be easier from this port than any other!

#2 Amiga link

by Kovu

Sunday April 25th, 1999 12:46 PM

Woops! If you click on the link above click on the AmigaSoft link or just use this one instead for a more direct route: There are links on the main page to change to either 640x480 or 800x600 res versions.

#3 Re:Two New Mozilla Projects

by arielb

Sunday April 25th, 1999 3:26 PM

ah so I went to the owners page and found Module: Photon (UI for Neutrino 2.0 and QNX 4) The owner is from Nexware. I hope the amiga mozilla guys will like this but I have to point out that the official word is to not directly develop for qnx because AmigaOS will be different.

#4 Re:Two New Mozilla Projects

by Kovu

Sunday April 25th, 1999 6:18 PM

You are right, it will be different. It just seems like some of the work done porting to QNX can be used as a foundation for a port to the NG Amiga just like Neutrino is a base for Amiga OS5.0. At least it gets things moving in QNX direction. Amiga is mum right now, but they asked for suggestions and I sent them one telling them they should look seriously at Mozilla for their Internet browsing technologies, and that now was the time to go to the newsgroups and suggest features, etc. ( I would think that since the new AmigaOS is going to be tight and modular like Mozilla, that Mozilla would be the perfect match for NG Amiga. I hope so.

#5 Re:Two New Mozilla Projects

by arielb

Sunday April 25th, 1999 11:26 PM

Well right now people are working on mozilla for the current amigas. In fact, this interesting conversation just took place yesterday

#6 QNX?

by Dave Fiddes

Monday April 26th, 1999 4:31 AM

I thought that work on QNX had been going on for some time by the folk at QNX...

It probably is _that_ tough a port either as QNX is (unfortunately) a very unixy OS.

I'd personally love to see Mozilla running on an Open Source RTOS like RTEMS or eCos (with the help of libggi ;)