Nvu 0.4.0 Released

Tuesday August 10th, 2004

Linspire and Disruptive Innovations have released Nvu 0.4.0, the latest beta of the standalone version of Mozilla Composer. Based on Mozilla 1.7, this version adds horizontal and vertical rulers for mouse-driven resizing, context menus on tabs, improved toolbar customisation, a document inspector and many other bug fixes. Builds for Linspire, other Linux distributions and Windows are available from the Nvu download page.

#7 BugFix list?

by mrmeteo

Wednesday August 11th, 2004 6:38 AM

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Thanks for the great work and the interesting new functionalities. I've been using N|Vu for a few months and love it! Bravo!

Apart from the new features list in 0.4, is there any list of bugs that have been fixed [from 0.3]?

And talking about bug list, is there a list of known bugs [and possible workaround] along with the list of those that will be fixed in version 0.5 [and later... kind of roadmap of bug to fix instead of features to add]?