Nvu 0.4.0 Released

Tuesday August 10th, 2004

Linspire and Disruptive Innovations have released Nvu 0.4.0, the latest beta of the standalone version of Mozilla Composer. Based on Mozilla 1.7, this version adds horizontal and vertical rulers for mouse-driven resizing, context menus on tabs, improved toolbar customisation, a document inspector and many other bug fixes. Builds for Linspire, other Linux distributions and Windows are available from the Nvu download page.

#5 I have high hopes for nvu

by Galik

Wednesday August 11th, 2004 2:13 AM

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My only niggle is that the site manager is not very useful (for me). The problem is it only allows you to edit your *live* site. Also my site is hidden behind cloaked redirection which confuses nvu. When you try to edit one of your pages you actually end up editing the site redirection page! This is all wrong. A site manager should (imho)

1) Store all site files on a local 'testing' site. 2) Have the ability to then publish any(or all) changed documents from the local 'testing' site to the remote 'live' site.

When I create a new site then the dialog should ask be for a local folder to store the root of the site in as well as the publishing details. Any modifications to the a page will only modify the local file and pages only get uploaded to the actual website when you choose to publish them.

Other than that I really like the way it's coming along.