Reports from Mozilla Developer Day 2004

Tuesday August 10th, 2004

The Mozilla Developer Day 2004 took place on Friday. Several sessions were held throughout the day-long event and slides from the Mozilla 2.0: Roadmap and Directions talk led by Mike Shaver and Brendan Eich are now online (use the cursor keys to navigate through the slides). In addition, Christopher Blizzard has posted a summary of the proceedings. Some attendees have also posted their notes to the MozillaZine Forums.

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by leafdigital

Wednesday August 11th, 2004 2:12 AM

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Dude, they're slides for a presentation, not a proper web site... would you prefer PowerPoint? (I know I wouldn't... even though I do have powerpoint installed on this pc).

Interesting stuff anyway although we've seen most of it before. I'm a little disappointed at the suggestion of limited SVG support, but the multi-language-ness continues to sound great.

One slightly random thought: if apps are to be packaged into a single .jar file (good, necessary) then how's it going to run seeing as if you double-click a .jar file java tries to run it? :) I presume the 'jar' files will actually be called something different (.xulapp for instance). Er. Well looks like I answered my own question so...

Oh the other interesting thing in here is that apparently the XForms stuff will be a 'Gecko extension'. Sounds cool, I hope there's going to be a general interface for these so that people can implement other new XML types without having to change Gecko itself. (ok, broken record, I'll shut up now)