Thunderbird Migration Bugday on Tuesday

Friday August 6th, 2004

Asa Dotzler writes: "The Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client is swiftly approaching its 1.0 release, currently planned to coincide with Firefox 1.0. In order to ensure that all those happy new Thunderbird users have a great experience migrating, we're holding a special Thunderbird Migration Bonanza party all day long on Tuesday.

"Bring your Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Outlook Express, and Communicator e-mail clients with you and join us on IRC for a day of testing the Thunderbird migration features. The goal is to get as many testing migrations performed on as many clients and as many operating systems as possible and to discuss and record all the problems in Bugzilla.

"With your help, we can ensure that mail, account settings, and address books migration and import are all in tip-top shape for the big 1.0 release coming up. I also expect that some of you doing this migration test will see how wonderful Thunderbird is and won't want to go back to your old clients, so please join us on Tuesday on the IRC server, channel #mozillazine for this special BugDay and we'll have a great time getting new users set up and migrated to Thunderbird. For those that aren't ready to make the leap, you can help us with some testing, trash it all when you're done and know that you helped make the Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird 1.0 release duo the best thing to happen to the Internet in years!"

#21 Re: TB lacks essential features

by Skyfaller

Saturday August 7th, 2004 6:14 PM

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Johann is right about needing good text searching in Thunderbird. A couple of my friends at the EFF, despite their ideological support for open source, still use other proprietary e-mail clients. One of them demonstrated why, and I found their argument very convincing. They ran a search term on the same large body of e-mail, once in Eudora, once in Thunderbird. Eudora returned all of the e-mail matching the search term very quickly, practically instantaneously. Thunderbird churned at the e-mail for a long time, over 10 seconds. If I had as large a stash of e-mail as they did, and I needed to search it regularly, it is possible that I would find Thunderbird unsatisfactory as well. I don't know if this experience is typical, but in the competition for searching e-mail rapidly, I was shocked at how far behind Thunderbird was, considering how relatively polished it is in many other areas.