New User Conversion Site Online

Friday August 6th, 2004

Christoph Studer writes: "Today, zillivisation, a new community website, has gone online. Convert your relatives, friends, and co-workers to use Mozilla products and get finally rewarded for it! zillivisation wants to encourage you as an advanced user to spread Mozilla products into your circle of friends. Every reported conversion earns you some points, which improve your ranking. Show the world that you're a real Mozilla supporter and get into the top five!"

#2 Re: And the point of this...?

by Moparx

Saturday August 7th, 2004 10:26 PM

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i agree. this is a rather worthless/pointless site outside of making some kids e-penis bigger when he feels the need to brag about something.

i can see it now: kid: "omg im so leet.. why my stats show i converted 6000 people just last week" long time moz user: "so.. rankings dont mean anything. in all the years ive used mozilla, ive converted many people over to it and desired nothing in return aside from the satisfaction that ones gets for helping another. dont you feel the same way?" kid: "*rolls eyes* whatever n00b. you are nothing unless you are the top 5"