Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite Upgrades Released

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 today released minor upgrades to three of its major products. Firefox 0.9.3, Thunderbird 0.7.3 and Mozilla 1.7.2 are all now available. These three new releases were created to correct 4 possible security vulnerabilities in past versions of each product. The Buildbar has links for all three releases.

#56 Re: Re-install to patch a bug... Kewl! :-\

by spliffster

Thursday August 5th, 2004 2:36 AM

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this is a bugfix release, all extensions/settings are not needed. why not just download the zip release (fro those windows folks) and extract it over the current installation ? huh ... is it sooooooo complicated to automate ?

i don't know how software is managed centrally on managed on windows ... but it would certainly not be hard to write a 2 line shell script daemon which checks for updates on an internal server, get's it and extracts it (as for bugfix releases) ... hell, it's not rocket sience!