New Default Theme and Logo for Mozilla Sunbird

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004

Mozilla Sunbird, the standalone version of Mozilla Calendar, has a new default theme. Designed by Mark Carson and Chris Cook, the new theme is based on Winstripe, the new default theme for Mozilla Firefox. Mark Carson has made screenshots of the new theme (some mockups and works-in-progress) available. The new theme was chosen after a public design contest; the still ongoing topic in the MozillaZine Forums has more details.

A related effort to find an official logo and icon set for Sunbird is still underway. Three finalist logos have been selected and voting is now underway to choose a winner (only those who contributed feedback previously are eligible to vote). At the time of writing, the logo designed by Mark Carson is in the lead.

#3 Mark Carson wins for the most obscure reference!

by GuruJ

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 11:38 PM

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I was curious ... why would Mark draw a logo that resembles a hummingbird? So I Googled.

And lo and behold, I found this at <http://encyclopedia.thefr…>:

"The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a hummingbird."

And who was Huitzilopochtli? "In Aztec mythology, Huitzilopchtli, also spelled Uitzilopochtli ("hummingbird of the south" or "he of the south" or "hummingbird on the left"), was a god of war and a sun god and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan."

So Mark Carson is way ahead -- in my book, he gets +100 points for pure class.