New Default Theme and Logo for Mozilla Sunbird

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004

Mozilla Sunbird, the standalone version of Mozilla Calendar, has a new default theme. Designed by Mark Carson and Chris Cook, the new theme is based on Winstripe, the new default theme for Mozilla Firefox. Mark Carson has made screenshots of the new theme (some mockups and works-in-progress) available. The new theme was chosen after a public design contest; the still ongoing topic in the MozillaZine Forums has more details.

A related effort to find an official logo and icon set for Sunbird is still underway. Three finalist logos have been selected and voting is now underway to choose a winner (only those who contributed feedback previously are eligible to vote). At the time of writing, the logo designed by Mark Carson is in the lead.

#1 Hmm.

by Gnu

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 8:50 PM

I guess I'm in the minority -- I like Jeff's best, although I'd suggest a few changes. The bird needs a little something to give it a bit more "life", and I would change the bland purple clock into a tan-coloured sundial.

But that's just me.

#2 Hmm!

by volkris

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 9:26 PM

It's funny, the only two people to have commented here (Gnu and myself) happen to like Jeff's the best while that's far behind in the voting there.

There are some practical reasons why it's the best one. For one thing, it sports the yellow color that would go with something called Sunbird and could serve as distinguishing from the Firefox red and Thunderbird blue.

So why the decision to close voting to only those contributing in that particular thread?

#3 Mark Carson wins for the most obscure reference!

by GuruJ

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 11:38 PM

I was curious ... why would Mark draw a logo that resembles a hummingbird? So I Googled.

And lo and behold, I found this at

"The Aztec god Huitzilopochtli is often depicted as a hummingbird."

And who was Huitzilopochtli? "In Aztec mythology, Huitzilopchtli, also spelled Uitzilopochtli ("hummingbird of the south" or "he of the south" or "hummingbird on the left"), was a god of war and a sun god and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan."

So Mark Carson is way ahead -- in my book, he gets +100 points for pure class.

#4 Re: Mark Carson wins for the most obscure referenc

by GuruJ

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 11:44 PM

Also, if we're wanting to move away from the *bird naming standard, hummingbirds have some cool names:

Sabrewing Sunbeam Starfrontlet Sunangel Woodstar

... probably not "Puffleg", though :)

#11 Re: Mark Carson wins for the most obscure referenc

by thelem

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 7:29 AM

Well, he's certainly done his research. Initially I wasn't too keen on his design because it didn't say 'Sun' to me at all, but it has grown on me. I don't like Jeff's set because it is not properly round, the colours don't work together and it reminds me of a phoenix. The bird also doesn't seem to be holding the clock correctly.

Suslik's Twirl set is good, and looks better at the low resolutions than Carson's set, but overall I'd vote for Carson's (if I could) over it mainly because I think the calender icon is better than a clock icon.

#14 So obscure even I didn't know it

by markcarson

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 3:54 PM

Until I read your post I had never heard of "The Aztec god Huitzilopochtl". Pure coincidence. I used a hummingbird/honeycreeper sort of bird for the logo because most of the real sunbirds are that sort of critter. Seems like the term sunbird has been widely applied to lots of bird species, some of which don't look all that related to me. Some of the pictures posted in forum can be seem here: <a href=""></a>

#5 Silly persons...

by Jugalator

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 11:50 PM

Of course Carson's theme looks best! :-)

I have no problem with the green bird since it clearly distinguish the icon from the others by color.

I don't like set #2 since the clock totally lacks the 3D look present in Fx / Tb. I don't like set #3 because the purple and red colors clash awfully bad in my eyes.

#6 Re: Silly persons...

by Jugalator

Tuesday August 3rd, 2004 11:51 PM

Oops, of course meant purple and YELLOW. ;-)

Yes, the yellow can be nice for "sun" (although less thought behind it than Carson's theme), but get rid of that deep purple thing. :-O

#7 Carson - but not in green

by masi

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 12:41 AM

I also favor Carson's work. But a green Sunbird?!?! He has done something in orange tones as well:

Perhaps he can make it a bit more into yellow. That way it won't clash with Firefox and would be still in a more "reasonable" colour.

#8 I like Suslik's

by Galik

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 2:11 AM

I think it's the most evocative of a 'Sunbird' being red, yellow and firy. For me the problem with Jeff's is that it is too evocotive of a phoenix! The other one is a bit too green.

#9 Icon set

by Sunspire

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 3:54 AM

I like the new proposed icon set, it's very important to me that it matches Firefox's set. However, the back and forward buttons are the old-winstripe ones, not the new ones we got in Firefox 0.9.1. I think the back and forward buttons was the main gripe people had with the new winstripe theme, there's just something about them that really bothers me. If the problem is how to use the new icon style for the old >> button (you can't just line up two of the new style arrows, it'd look retarded), I suggest they use the more commonly seen >| glyph instead. Hope that makes sense :)

Of the logos I like Carson's the most, the orange modified version is best though the green is nice too.

#10 Theme/icons

by garfieldbond

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 5:42 AM

Personally, Mark's theme looks nicer to me.

However, as long as the program is as polished and functional as Fx/Tb are, and it can sync with my Palm, I don't care what it looks like or how it's colored :)

#12 I like carson's theme

by koriordan

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 9:50 AM

It looks the nicest. Plus the green complements the other Mozilla app icons nicely. Red for Firefox, Blue for Thunderbird, Green for Sunbird. Of course like someone suggested, Yellow could also be a nice colour.

#13 A mix of two?

by stonedyak

Wednesday August 4th, 2004 10:51 AM

After seeing these sets, I would actually prefer a cross between Carson's and Suslik's icons. I think the calendar is a better image than a clock for a *calendar* application, however I think Suslik's bird looks better. The head of Mark's bird tends to get lost at smaller sizes, while Suslik's looks good right down to 16x16.

Why not have a bit of collaboration between the icon artists? After all, Sunbird is a long way from 1.0 so there's no rush - let's get the best icon possible!

#15 Re: A mix of two?

by orange

Thursday August 5th, 2004 7:04 PM

They are all very sharp. I definitly liked Jeff's and Suslik's icons most. They scale and looks the best togheter with the logos for Firefox and Thunderbird I'd say. And, the birds seems to follow the style of the Firefox and Thunderbird more. I feel that (no offence) Mark Carson's bird doesn't.

Tho, since I'm using Debian's packages I won't see it anyway due to license. So why not use one of Jeff's and Suslik's propsals for other builds, like the one in Debian? ;)