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Thursday April 22nd, 1999

A recent Forbes article characterized Mozilla as a "flop". The article had so many inaccuracies that I felt a rebuttal was required. At the same time, I felt that some light needed to be shed on the differences between commercial Open Source projects and "all volunteer" Open Source projects. What follows (click "Full Article" below) is a rebuttal to the assertions in the Forbes article and my opinion on what can reasonably be expected from a commercial Open Source project.

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by Henrik <>

Saturday April 24th, 1999 1:05 PM

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One thing the MS bashers forget is the difference between end users and developpers. Mozilla might be the best browser for nerds and developpers right now, but IE is certainly the best for mr. and mrs. smith (age 55 and 50) who just bought thier first computer with preinstalled windows.

please don't be as arrogant as some of the linux users who I know that doesn't understand market segments, and think linux is the best for everything

When mozilla hit the shelfes so to speak, it will be a whole different ballgame and it certainly be a success, IF and only if you can persuade the end users grey mass to spend the time downloading a new program when * Mozillaisn't interated with windows * they allready have a functioning program * are satisfied with what they have (especially newbiw end users)