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Thursday April 22nd, 1999

A recent Forbes article characterized Mozilla as a "flop". The article had so many inaccuracies that I felt a rebuttal was required. At the same time, I felt that some light needed to be shed on the differences between commercial Open Source projects and "all volunteer" Open Source projects. What follows (click "Full Article" below) is a rebuttal to the assertions in the Forbes article and my opinion on what can reasonably be expected from a commercial Open Source project.

As always, the opinions are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of (which MozillaZine is not affiliated with).

#34 Re:Evaluating Commercial Open Source Projects

by macpeep

Saturday April 24th, 1999 1:41 AM

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Has anybody heard that IE5 would NOT have it the 2M mark yet? No, because it probably followed so quickly after the 1M mark.

Mozilla will not win by people underestimating the competition. Drop the naive attitudes - please.

Has it occured to anyone that IE5 is the best browser available right now - by far. The only reasons to not download it would be politics or lazyness. Both are silly reasons.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for Mozilla. I wouldn't be here on this site if I wasn't. But we have to stop walking around with closed eyes shouting "M$ sucks", "IE sucks", "M$ coders / quality sucks".

The same reality check would be good for all of you who don't understand that Mozilla is in early alpha stages.