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Thursday April 22nd, 1999

A recent Forbes article characterized Mozilla as a "flop". The article had so many inaccuracies that I felt a rebuttal was required. At the same time, I felt that some light needed to be shed on the differences between commercial Open Source projects and "all volunteer" Open Source projects. What follows (click "Full Article" below) is a rebuttal to the assertions in the Forbes article and my opinion on what can reasonably be expected from a commercial Open Source project.

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by Son of Anonymous Coward

Friday April 23rd, 1999 12:29 PM

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Mozilla as an open-sourced project that is making progress and meeting schedule deadlines. Netscape(i.e. AOL) as a commercial entity that produces a browser is not making progress. Therefore, Netscape may be a "commercial flop" while Mozilla showing signs of successful progress. Netscape should have released an interim version of it's browser that was not based on Mozilla's progress. This would have allowed Netscape/AOL to remain competitive with Microsoft in the browser arena.