Mozilla Foundation Looking for Volunteers

Thursday July 29th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "The Mozilla Foundation is looking to assemble a small team of highly motivated volunteers to assist us in getting Firefox 1.0 on computing magazine CDs. This will may entail a few phone conversations, and we will assist where possible (especially in those cases where we have contacts). If you're interested, please send mail to blake AT cs DOT stanford DOT edu telling me a little bit about yourself and your background (if relevant). If you're fluent in languages other than English, please also mention that, as we definitely want a few non-English speakers on the team to help us capture international magazines. Thanks everyone!"

#1 I had my doubts...

by aldo_ <>

Thursday July 29th, 2004 7:00 PM

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But seriously, Firefox is being marketed so damn well. I'm really happy that they are - I feared (back in the old 0.7 Firebird days) that it could all just roll over and be as uninteresting as Mozilla Suite 1.0.

However, now the foundation is starting to kick into gear, they have thought of loads of really great ideas to really market it. They have totally understood the user's perspective - while mozilla suite was really bloated and complex, FireFox is straight to the point, great-looking (imo) and really easy to install, use and even administer. The administer part after is where most opensource projects fall down - look at desktop Linux. Most computer literate users would have no problem using it, or even installing it, but as soon as it comes to changing drivers and settings, it falls on it's ass. Firefox doesn't. The option panel is really well organized, and the extension panel is even more simple and to the point.

In conclusion: All Hail FireFox! :)