Four New Mozilla Sites Launch

Thursday July 29th, 2004

Four new Mozilla websites have launched recently. The first site, the Mozilla AOM Reference, guides Mozilla developers through the Mozilla Application Object Model (AOM), which is similar to the Document Object Model (DOM) but used to manipulate the Mozilla application itself rather than Web pages.

The Rumbling Edge is a new weblog that tracks the latest developments in Mozilla Thunderbird. The site is very similar to The Burning Edge, which tracks the latest Mozilla Firefox checkins, but is run by a different person.

Andrew Turnbull's Mozilla Network provides links to the latest Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox versions, as well as a comprehensive list of links to older releases. In addition, several frequently asked questions are answered.

Finally, Firedfox, a parody of the official Firefox site, has been launched.

#4 AOM the best of the lot

by Waldo_2

Thursday July 29th, 2004 11:11 AM

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AOM looks to be the most valuable of the sites by far. It's too bad there's no good way to help him with it. The best I can find is public web-based CVS access, which would allow access to the files but makes it difficult to edit them. I'm sure with some anonymous CVS access he could get a few people to help him out with it, submitting patches to help him update things. For example, I've seen several spelling errors (I'm not trying to be critical, but they will detract from the overall experience for some) in the site in various places. Being able to send in patches would make this simpler than just pointing out the files and expecting him to make the fixes (and in the case of spelling, in as uncritical a way as I can say it, that would probably be non-trivial).