Four New Mozilla Sites Launch

Thursday July 29th, 2004

Four new Mozilla websites have launched recently. The first site, the Mozilla AOM Reference, guides Mozilla developers through the Mozilla Application Object Model (AOM), which is similar to the Document Object Model (DOM) but used to manipulate the Mozilla application itself rather than Web pages.

The Rumbling Edge is a new weblog that tracks the latest developments in Mozilla Thunderbird. The site is very similar to The Burning Edge, which tracks the latest Mozilla Firefox checkins, but is run by a different person.

Andrew Turnbull's Mozilla Network provides links to the latest Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firefox versions, as well as a comprehensive list of links to older releases. In addition, several frequently asked questions are answered.

Finally, Firedfox, a parody of the official Firefox site, has been launched.

#13 Andrew Turnbull's Mozilla Network

by Andrew_T

Thursday July 29th, 2004 10:30 PM

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I maintain one of the websites mentioned above, and I decided to make a few revisions to my website shortly after this article was posted:

Added "work in progress" disclaimer to index page. Added mention of this article on index page. Added "Recommended" status to Mozilla Firefox on index page. Added WaMCom link on index page. Added links to Mozilla application suite and Firefox archive pages immediately adjacent to latest-version table on index page. Added "Are Mozilla, Firefox, and other Mozilla products available on CD-ROM?/Is a printed manual available?" entry to Questions and Answers section.

I was pleasently surprised to see my own website mentioned on the website of a community as large as MozillaZine, and will take any feedback that results into consideration when I revise the site in the future.

Some plans I have in the future are to add various screenshots when appropriate, and improve and modernize the site's appearance and make it look less like a relic from the Netscape 3.0 era! In fact, the "The Network" button at the very bottom of the page (which links to my personal website) IS the Netscape 3.0 "Home" button!