'Sydney Morning Herald' Recommends Mozilla Firefox Over Internet Explorer

Tuesday July 27th, 2004

Half of Australia wrote in to tell us that today's issue of The Sydney Morning Herald features an opinion column in which technology correspondent Graeme Philipson recommends Mozilla Firefox over Microsoft Internet Explorer. The actual article itself is short but it is strikingly splashed in the promotion box under the print newspaper's main masthead (as a PDF of today's Herald front page shows).

#10 'Dagblad De Limburger' too

by KayakFun

Thursday July 29th, 2004 10:57 PM

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My local dutch newspaper has a once-a-week science/computer page, which gave you tips on utilizing Internet Explorer/Outlook, and discussed new Windows games, while at the same day, their economics section mentioned the advice to not use IE for security reasons. I called the guy in charge, asking if he read his own newspaper. The conversation resulted in him offering me to write a 600-word article on Firefox/Thunderbird.

My article "Veilig het internet op" (Dutch for: safely onto the internet) was aimed at parents who received a computer from their computer literate kids, within weeks ending up with high telephone bills, virusses and spam. I explained what happened, and what can be done about it: block expensive telephone numbers, and use Firefox/Thunderbird. Unfortunately the article is not presented in their online edition.

If the awareness among non-computer press is so low, you too can ask them to write an article about new, safe browsers/emailers. Offer to write it if they claim they do not know enough about it.