Andkon Proposes New Design for Mozilla Foundation Front Page

Tuesday July 27th, 2004

Sometime Mozilla antagonist Andras "andkon" Konya has written an essay on how the Mozilla Foundation can attract new users by improving its website. Andkon takes a critical look at the current front page and the main Mozilla Firefox page before presenting an alternative front page design that he believes will cater better to the needs of end users.

#70 Some ideas for a new site

by Carcarlo

Friday October 29th, 2004 9:56 AM

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In my last days' few spare time I've started making a site to give support for Mozilla products to italian audience. I made just a rough draft of the front page, I hope to finish it for the 1.0 final release. See it at <> Many users think that when I ask them to install Firefox I'm asking them to replace Windows, they haven't the concept of Explorer=Firefox=Opera=program to browse the web. Some think they've to change "internet connection". So to reach generic audience we have to be very clean, simple and provide explanation for all tecnical terms.