Andkon Proposes New Design for Mozilla Foundation Front Page

Tuesday July 27th, 2004

Sometime Mozilla antagonist Andras "andkon" Konya has written an essay on how the Mozilla Foundation can attract new users by improving its website. Andkon takes a critical look at the current front page and the main Mozilla Firefox page before presenting an alternative front page design that he believes will cater better to the needs of end users.

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by alcatraz52 <>

Wednesday July 28th, 2004 9:21 PM

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you know what I htink Andkon's right about about the theme & extensions pages. 3/4 of all the themes on have no screenshots even!! I though Texturizer was really innovative, with all the themes haing a screenshot at the top, you didn't have to go through page through page of searching...

You guys might kill me, but also I kind of liked old-old-old's design (the one that looked like a newspaper print). The new one is sooo confusing..maybe the old one was too though, I can barely remember.