Andkon Proposes New Design for Mozilla Foundation Front Page

Tuesday July 27th, 2004

Sometime Mozilla antagonist Andras "andkon" Konya has written an essay on how the Mozilla Foundation can attract new users by improving its website. Andkon takes a critical look at the current front page and the main Mozilla Firefox page before presenting an alternative front page design that he believes will cater better to the needs of end users.

#34 Ideas yes design absolutely not

by troff

Wednesday July 28th, 2004 6:16 AM

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While I don't necessarily agree with a particularly large proportion of his statements I think that some of them do make sense. The ideas need to be considered. However, the current web site design is so superior it's ridiculous. The current design is, unlike a great deal of other web sites, *clean*. This is something that clearly sets the site apart from the usual crud.

So, while I think that nobody disagrees that the purpose should be to maximize the number of downloads (and installs...) the specific design suggested must be resoundedly rejected. It's simply horrendously ugly.