Andkon Proposes New Design for Mozilla Foundation Front Page

Tuesday July 27th, 2004

Sometime Mozilla antagonist Andras "andkon" Konya has written an essay on how the Mozilla Foundation can attract new users by improving its website. Andkon takes a critical look at the current front page and the main Mozilla Firefox page before presenting an alternative front page design that he believes will cater better to the needs of end users.

#31 Why the current design is better

by thelem

Wednesday July 28th, 2004 4:54 AM

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1) It has more than 2 products on the homepage. 2) There is a prominant navigation bar at the top of every page, the first word of which is "download" 3) It has prominant links to donate to the foundation and buy t-shirts and CDs. These are they way the mozilla foundation manages to employ people, so they need to be promoted (even if we don't want to promote them) 4) It just doesn't look as nice I'm sure I had other reasons, but I've forgotton now.

The one thing I think does need improving on the homepage is the download links - there should be one big link with a download icon which will let you download mozilla for your platform and from your local download server, and a smaller link reading something link "download for other platforms".