Two Mozilla Articles

Wednesday April 21st, 1999

Two more Mozilla articles came out today. CNet continues to try to light a match under the Mozilla project, with a report on the pulling of the Instant Messaging API that appeared at yesterday. BusinessWeek Online also has a positive piece on Mozilla (probably one of the first in the mainstream press). And it mentions MozillaZine! In fact, more than that, I spoke with the writer at length about some of the misconceptions about the Mozilla project. He was very interested, and took a decidedly different tone with his piece than has been prevalent in the press recently.

#5 W2K's Lateness

by -=Yusuf=- <>

Thursday April 22nd, 1999 12:35 PM

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Actually I don't think that W2K's lateness would be actually *relevant* to cite as a reason for Mozilla being late, it's kind of like saying: "They did it, so so can we!", really childish .... and besides it's dragging Mozilla down to their level of excuses, at least the excuses that the Mozilla team has are completely valid.

Oh and I'd have to agree about IM/ICQ/IRC support -- if it doesn't make M9, don't worry about it! Issue out a 5.5 release with it in, it's not worth delaying the entire project for. Or maybe send out a 5.5 beta with the 5.0 final, the 5.5 beta would have limited chat support.

Keep it up, guys!