The IM Project Page Has Vanished

Wednesday April 21st, 1999

The IM Project page has been taken down at the request of Netscape. Netscape was the contributor of the Instant Messaging API document, and they have taken it down pending further review. As far as we can tell, there is nothing more to the story at this point. We'll let you know when the page comes back online.

#16 Re:The IM Project Page Has Vanished

by Daikoku <>

Wednesday April 21st, 1999 10:41 PM

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Please, No more bloat, When they get the basics of a browser finished, then worry about the secondary junk.

Let me say thank you to Netscape/AOL for pulling the very premature idea out before it wasted any more resources.

Mozillia folks, please get the basic browser/email/ftp stuff to at least a beta state before adding more on to the project.