eWeek Takes Stock of Mozilla Foundation's First Year

Monday July 26th, 2004

eWeek is running an opinion piece about the progress of the Mozilla project in its first year outside of Netscape. Author Jim Rapoza argues that Mozilla is only now recovering from the mistakes Netscape made during its dominance of the project. Note that the article contains a few mistakes, such as stating that the original Netscape Communicator 5.0 codebase was not open-sourced (it was — find it in the abandoned classic directory of the Mozilla source tree).

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by jimrapoza <>

Tuesday July 27th, 2004 6:50 AM

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This is exactly the point I was making. While I was writing this column one of my colleagues pointed out how Sun's relationship with is a good example of supporting an open source application without limiting the developers. I thought about including that example but this column is written for the print edition of eWeek and I had to cut a lot of stuff. On another note, it is technically correct that the Navigator/Communicator code was open sourced, but back then most of us, including the Netscape people I was talking to, assumed that there would quickly be a fully functional Mozilla out that would be based on the Navigator code base and would be the open source counterpart to the expected Navigator 5.0.