eWeek Takes Stock of Mozilla Foundation's First Year

Monday July 26th, 2004

eWeek is running an opinion piece about the progress of the Mozilla project in its first year outside of Netscape. Author Jim Rapoza argues that Mozilla is only now recovering from the mistakes Netscape made during its dominance of the project. Note that the article contains a few mistakes, such as stating that the original Netscape Communicator 5.0 codebase was not open-sourced (it was — find it in the abandoned classic directory of the Mozilla source tree).

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by thelem

Monday July 26th, 2004 5:05 PM

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Seems to me like it is more an excuse to have a go at Netscape/AOL and promote corporations having a hands-off approach to open source projects than a true review of the successes and failures of the Mozilla project.

I think its a good thing that the foundation is now free of AOL's control, but if that had happened in 1999 I don't think mozilla would even exist today. Open source projects thrive on having a community to promote and support the project, and a product which can be used, so that modifications seem worth while. I don't think Mozilla would have had enough of this without the significant support of Netscape/AOL.