Firefox 1.0 Update

Sunday July 25th, 2004

Ben Goodger has posted an update on his blog discussing what's next for Firefox on the road to 1.0. The decision has been made to call the next release "Firefox 1.0 Preview Release" externally, and 0.10 internally. Ben also goes into detail on what extension authors can do to ensure compatibility with this next release. More details on the latest extension standards can be found on the Firefox Project site.

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by Smigit

Tuesday July 27th, 2004 1:15 AM

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ive never had to install flash after upgrading Firefox (and bird), it simply worked. adding an exta 25% to the download size isnt justified because a couple of people dont get it out of the box, and its so simple to install flash that theres no reason for the team to distribute it. Im on a really slow connection and it takes well over 1 hour for me to download firefox in its current state, I would prefer a smaller distribution file not a larger. (actually id prefer it if the update run only updated changed files) . Also there may be legal reasons for flash not being included. But i believe its been said several times that FF wont ship with flash regardless.