Firefox 1.0 Update

Sunday July 25th, 2004

Ben Goodger has posted an update on his blog discussing what's next for Firefox on the road to 1.0. The decision has been made to call the next release "Firefox 1.0 Preview Release" externally, and 0.10 internally. Ben also goes into detail on what extension authors can do to ensure compatibility with this next release. More details on the latest extension standards can be found on the Firefox Project site.

#1 future sounds better now :-)

by dipa

Monday July 26th, 2004 12:22 AM

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A preview release seemsa good thing froma marketing perspective. Being somewhat pessimistic on recent FF scheduling, I feel better now. However, I think a bunch of problems (and possible regressions in the near future) should be addressed : 1. There should be no serious installer bugs. 2. There should be no serious apliccation registration bugs (Windows). 3. Any Macromedia or other important plugin bug should be ironed out (average users should only need to run the plugin installer and nothing else). 4. Any serious localization problems. 5. Topcrashers.

Other bug categories are of less importance, imo, if time is a concern for this preview release.