Marketing Campaign Week Three

Friday July 23rd, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "For our third weekly marketing campaign, we are calling on you guys to help us find fifty free donations of advertising space in print or on highly trafficked web sites by digging deep among friends in high places. Those of you who find us valuable real estate may find yourselves with some cool and unusual prizes, and all of you will be hugely appreciated and recognized by the Mozilla Foundation as a key player in the success of Firefox 1.0. Please see my blog post for more information."

More information is available on Blake's blog post.

#5 Another campaign idea.

by kss

Sunday July 25th, 2004 3:56 PM

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I had a campaign idead in my mind last night: How about ships some software reviewers FREE mozilla CDs. This way can get reviewers to put up articles on respected "Review" websites. And in lieu of the CDs sent(to reduce load on CD mailing arm), Mozilla users can volunteer to send a fix number of CD copies(one per household) to people in their area/province. For example, a person from Detroit requests a CD from, the request can be forwarded to the volunteer to the person's location and the volunteer can just write a CD (say iso image) and post it to him. I'm sure most of the people won't mind sending a few CDs by mail to prospective Mozilla users.