Marketing Campaign Week Three

Friday July 23rd, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "For our third weekly marketing campaign, we are calling on you guys to help us find fifty free donations of advertising space in print or on highly trafficked web sites by digging deep among friends in high places. Those of you who find us valuable real estate may find yourselves with some cool and unusual prizes, and all of you will be hugely appreciated and recognized by the Mozilla Foundation as a key player in the success of Firefox 1.0. Please see my blog post for more information."

More information is available on Blake's blog post.

#1 Yellowbar

by interra0

Saturday July 24th, 2004 4:45 PM

I'm voting to include yellowbar on every issue of incorrect website behavior. I'd include these links on the yellowbar as well as explanation text:

* "Javascript Console". Link should bring up Javascript Console which should have all incidents logged in "Messages" or "Warnings" category. Or should have separate category "Standards Compliance".

* "report to webmaster" linked to e-mail "mailto:webmaster@<domain.ext>". The link should also fill in the "Standards Compliance" messages (mentioned above) related to the domain in question in the body of the message. Letter could be ready to press "Send".

These two items above together with 4% Mozilla browser market share can be best evangelization campaign ever. Hope Mozilla Lawers would check my suggestions for legitimacy as it is somewhat obtrusive suggestion.


m. P.S. If people like the idea I'll fill it in the bugzilla and let you know for bug# to vote for :)

#2 Ups...

by interra0

Saturday July 24th, 2004 4:51 PM

Wrong thread, sorry...

#3 Ad Banners?

by koroshiya

Sunday July 25th, 2004 12:40 AM

I guess some artist friend here could set up ad banners for those of us who frequent different forums to put in our signatures. If many of us do it, we can get to a lot of people just by doing what we do, posting. It's an easy way to evangelize firefox's 1.0 release. But well, I leave that to you all to discuss, maybe it has even been done already...

#4 Re: Ad Banners?

by pulsorock

Sunday July 25th, 2004 1:29 PM

Well I emailed Blake and told him, I'm willing to offer some of my available ad space on my site. I have 468x60 and 120x600 banners.

#5 Another campaign idea.

by kss

Sunday July 25th, 2004 3:56 PM

I had a campaign idead in my mind last night: How about ships some software reviewers FREE mozilla CDs. This way can get reviewers to put up articles on respected "Review" websites. And in lieu of the CDs sent(to reduce load on CD mailing arm), Mozilla users can volunteer to send a fix number of CD copies(one per household) to people in their area/province. For example, a person from Detroit requests a CD from, the request can be forwarded to the volunteer to the person's location and the volunteer can just write a CD (say iso image) and post it to him. I'm sure most of the people won't mind sending a few CDs by mail to prospective Mozilla users.


#6 Re: Another campaign idea.

by DavidGerard

Monday July 26th, 2004 3:20 AM

Pressed Firefox 1.0 CDs would be very nice souvenirs. I treasure my Mozilla 1.0 CD.

#8 Re: Re: Another campaign idea.

by kss

Thursday July 29th, 2004 3:51 PM

For people who want pressed CDs, there could be an option to pay. Otherwise, volunteers could send free ones!!

#7 Re: Another campaign idea.

by Cluster

Tuesday July 27th, 2004 9:50 AM

That sounds great -- I'd be willing to do that. (Houston, TX)