Mozilla Adds Undetectable document.all Support, Part of New Novell Linux Distribution?

Friday July 23rd, 2004

Jacob writes: "Mozilla builds starting tomorrow will now support an undetectable version of document.all. This will help with sites that blindly use document.all in DHTML scripts. The support should also show up in the next Firefox release. More information is available in the bug."

An important thing to remember is that this will not break existing scripts that check for document.all, it will only work in cases where the script assumes it is running in IE, and does not first check to be sure that document.all works. If document.all is checked for, Mozilla will continue to block its use and act as it always has.

Update: The Register is reporting that Novell will soon be coming out with a slimmed down version of SuSE Linux targeted at exterprise desktops. The interesting part of this story is that they will be shipping a browser that "supported IE6 extensions, making it possible to access IE-only websites." Time will tell if this new support for document.all is related to the Novell news.

#27 don't see how it hurts

by stylo

Friday July 23rd, 2004 9:13 PM

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I don't see how it would harm coding practices in the future. No one is not going to stop object detection because of this, otherwise their scripts will soon have problems a few lines into them (unless very simple AND every browser did the same). Even then, would you change how you switch from getElementById and rely on this? No.

I don't see this helps very much because:

1) relatively few scripts out there go right into it without a document.all check 2) of those that do, once you get past document.all, you're likely to run into other ms-only js anyway and get stuck

Then again, it will help a few gimpy legacy form check scripts and such out, so why not? And guess what? My cc processor just came out with a page [b]last week[/b] to modify how their page appears to your customers and here's the type of dumbass code they wrote:

function Link1() { document.colorform.hexval1.value=document.colorform.hexval.value; document.all("font1").style.color=document.colorform.hexval.value; return true; }

So, there ya go.