Messaging/Chat Project Started

Monday April 19th, 1999

Asa Dotzler and Andrew Wooldridge have for us news of a new project that has gotten underway at It's called the Instant Messaging project, but it's not confined to work on AOL's messaging tool. In fact, the project plans to develop an open API that allows people to install support for various chat and messaging protocols. These protocols would be installed as necessary, thus wouldn't bloat the initial install. In addition, Mozilla will be able to be built without the core chat functionality if you so desire.

I think it's important to note that Tim Berners-Lee envisioned the browser to be a front end to many different protocols (not just HTTP). I say more power to 'em. They're going about it in the right way (making it optional), and it could end up being a very useful addition to the browser.

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by Jason Shindler <>

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 6:22 PM

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I guess I agree with this one <,4,35410,00.html> What's the point? The major competitors to this Mozilla initiative would be AOL/Mirabillis . . . which is all part of the same AOL owned company. It seems as though one arm doesn't know what the other arm is doing! Don't get me wrong..the idea is great, it just doesn't make any businesses sense from Mozilla/AOL perspective. Additionally, imagine the security bugs introduced with a IRC implementation in a web browser. Early versions of MIRC were plagued with them, does Mozilla really want to delve into that???