Mozilla Foundation Looking for Names of Organizations That Have Switched to Mozilla

Sunday July 18th, 2004

Bart Decrem writes: "The Mozilla Foundation is looking for examples of companies or organizations that have moved from IE to Mozilla-based browsers in the last few weeks. Please chime in if you know of any!"

#55 Enterprise features

by Mozrichie

Monday July 19th, 2004 6:32 AM

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as flacco says Mozilla definitelyneeds more enterprise features...

Creating a user's profile by default is difficult, the only way I could find to do that was to create a profile on a test account and copy it to another and use sed to convert the ~/.mozilla/appreg file to use the new directory location.

Setting defaults for new users seems to be error prone and/or broken if I want to set the default IMAP/SMTP server so the user does not need to enter this how do I do it? setting pref("network.hosts.smtp_server", ""); in the /usr/lib/mozilla-version/defaults/pref/unix.js does not seem to work. Also setting things in a version specific directory in a file that will change from version to version is less that ideal, why not have a /usr/lib/mozilla/prefs/local.js file with all the local settings in it? A good mail client should enable you to set it up so that when a user first uses it, it set up with all their account details.

How do you lock down mozilla so menus/buttons are disabled and cannot be re-enabled (surely libraries need this on unathenticated catalog browsers)

The "lock" file seems to confuse a lot of users and they end with multiple profiles because they do not know how to remove this.

Also I've heard Windows people complain about the lack of a MSI installer file so the can deploy Mozilla with Active Directory/RIS.

I think in general Mozilla is missing several features which would make large scale roll outs more managable. Don't get me wrong all the Linux machines we manage (160ish) use it, but it is not a good as it could be.