Mozilla Foundation Looking for Names of Organizations That Have Switched to Mozilla

Sunday July 18th, 2004

Bart Decrem writes: "The Mozilla Foundation is looking for examples of companies or organizations that have moved from IE to Mozilla-based browsers in the last few weeks. Please chime in if you know of any!"

#53 We have made the Switch

by EXCPhillip

Monday July 19th, 2004 6:16 AM

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I work at a company that uses Windows on the desktop (mostly) and Linux on the Server. We have started the process of moving all out computers as well as many of our customers to the FireFox browser.

The transition has beenb meet with very little if any resistance as almost everyone has said the same thing. To quote on customer, "I really could care less what it is called, just as long as it works and I don't have to worrie about porno poping up every two secons because of some stupid virus!"

The bottom line is Firefox has prevented many support calls, increased customer satisfaction and provided a way to leave IE in the dust.