Mozilla Foundation Looking for Names of Organizations That Have Switched to Mozilla

Sunday July 18th, 2004

Bart Decrem writes: "The Mozilla Foundation is looking for examples of companies or organizations that have moved from IE to Mozilla-based browsers in the last few weeks. Please chime in if you know of any!"

#52 Complete IE, Outlook and Outlook Express Ban

by odhinnsrunes

Monday July 19th, 2004 6:07 AM

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I am the IT Manager for a Canadian manufacturer. It was my decision several years (3-4 I think) to ban IE and Outlook completely from any use on any of our systems. Weh have been using Mozilla and it's derivitives ever since. This coupled with good Virus policies and software and Linux servers has saved us from all but the worst viruses, which have been isolated and easy to handle. We have also experianced less BSOD's, although this may be unrelated. It has prompted the decision to use more Open Source products such as, etc. on our workstations as well. We are slowly but surely moving to a completly Open Source shop, and Mozilla has led the way.