New NetLib Project Underway

Sunday April 18th, 1999

A new Mozilla project is underway. Codenamed 'Necko', its aim is a complete overhaul of the current NetLib code, with special attention paid towards footprint, maintainability, and performance.

From the Necko page: "...the netlib kernel serves ... to act as an efficient data pipe between multiple physical transports (ie. file system, network, etc.) and a standardized stream abstraction which protocol handlers consume."

The new design will allow for customizability, platform specific substitutions for best performance, and quantitative analysis of performance.

There are a number of ways to get involved, from general feedback to standalone tests to performance optimizations and platform-specific work. They're also interested in handling Telnet via the new XUL interface, which would be a great addition to Mozilla.

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by guyh

Sunday May 2nd, 1999 7:21 PM

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I agree whole-heartedly with Rupert: this project gives Mozilla a chance to overcome the knocks about its network performance, especially vs. IE 4 and 5. It could become a strong suit instead by adding features like HTTP debugging and telnet capabilities, and more user control over things like network timeouts. Add to this a more modular and XPCOM compliant library, and you have the makings of a less buggy and extensible lib.

Someone in Mozilla obviously saw the need for a complete netlib overhaul, so more power to them!