New NetLib Project Underway

Sunday April 18th, 1999

A new Mozilla project is underway. Codenamed 'Necko', its aim is a complete overhaul of the current NetLib code, with special attention paid towards footprint, maintainability, and performance.

From the Necko page: "...the netlib kernel serves ... to act as an efficient data pipe between multiple physical transports (ie. file system, network, etc.) and a standardized stream abstraction which protocol handlers consume."

The new design will allow for customizability, platform specific substitutions for best performance, and quantitative analysis of performance.

There are a number of ways to get involved, from general feedback to standalone tests to performance optimizations and platform-specific work. They're also interested in handling Telnet via the new XUL interface, which would be a great addition to Mozilla.

#1 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by anon

Sunday April 18th, 1999 8:04 AM

will this be in 5.0?

#2 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by Pyro

Sunday April 18th, 1999 11:29 AM

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly does the term NetLib mean?

#3 Re:what exactly does the term NetLib mean?

by anon

Sunday April 18th, 1999 11:39 AM


network library

my best guess...

#4 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by basic

Sunday April 18th, 1999 4:58 AM

To quote the page linked above:"Netlib is the fond name of the original networking library that has been with us since Navigator 1.0."

#5 libwww comparison? New NetLib Project Underway

by Jim Kingdon

Sunday April 18th, 1999 2:52 PM

Has anyone written up a comparison of how this might relate to libwww? Like in terms of technical features of each, whether Necko will be able to replace libwww (perhaps with a layer which provides the traditional libwww API?), whether there is any cooperation possible in terms of test suites, etc? The kinds of collaborations I describe in the above paragraph are easier said than done, so it is entirely possible that there isn't much to talk about or do, but I do have an intuition that there is probably _some_ mutually beneficial activity lurking here somewhere. libwww is here:

#6 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by Tekhir

Sunday April 18th, 1999 3:20 PM

This could really be good. From the project description it looks like they (Mozilla Team) are preparing Mozilla to be HTTP-NG ready.

#7 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by a.c.

Monday April 19th, 1999 5:31 AM

the libwww idea is a great one - resist the urge to reroll your own and use/improve on theirs...

#8 visit our sponsor ... Necco

by CPT

Monday April 19th, 1999 6:19 PM

So, is Necco really sponsoring Mozilla?

I've often wondered if non-computer companies could/should sponsor open-source programming projects. I mean, since there are so many programers in the world doing the same thing, computer-related IP could loose it's direct monetary value. On the other hand, people will always need food, clothing, cars, etc.

So we could have perl, brought to you by Lee, the jeans that fit. Or freely downloadable Linux, brought to you by Tide, which gets clothes their whitest. (I usually mute during commercials, so forgive me if I've forgotten the slogans.) It could be even better if the products sold were in the same genre as the software items, like a virus checker sponsored by Trojan condoms.

hmm... Think I'll post this on Slashdot, in hopes that someone in a better position than I will use this idea.

#9 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by SomeSmartAss

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 7:36 AM


Necko! with a K; as in "Networked Gecko"

It's the name of the damned project.

And quite frankly, as long as I don't get "Money Saving Coupons" at the end of my print-outs, I realy don't care who wants to put their weight behind Mozilla.

#10 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by Kovu

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 9:33 AM

It's their own damned fault for putting that Necco candy picture up on the page.

I think anything that can be done to make the Moz tighter, leaner and meaner is a beautiful thing.

#11 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by Frederick Roeber

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 10:29 AM

I worked on libwww in 1994/1995 when I was part of TimBL's team at CERN. Among other things, I autoconf'd it. I've worked on netlib 1.0 since joining Netscape (I'm the one who did FTP restart), and I wrote the original "replacement" netlib (which, due to schedules, missed the 4.x clients, and was taken over by various server products). I wrote the Java Netlib for the ill-fated Java Client. In short: I know networking libraries.

I'd suggest staying away from libwww.

#12 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by ERICmurphy

Tuesday April 20th, 1999 9:33 PM

I would dig Telnet as part of the Mozilla interface.

#13 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by Rupert

Wednesday April 21st, 1999 1:23 AM

Mozilla needs this badly; from the users perspective NS4.x has certain annoying tendencies like coming up with erroneous error messages when fetching pages. Something that allows us to log HTTP activity would be great for site building :-)

#14 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by arielb

Wednesday April 21st, 1999 3:26 PM

let's see, they scrapped the old layout engine for nglayout, they scrapped the gui for xul, they scrapped the java for oji, they scrapped motif for gtk (in unix) and now this! pretty cool

#15 Re:New NetLib Project Underway

by guyh

Sunday May 2nd, 1999 7:21 PM

I agree whole-heartedly with Rupert: this project gives Mozilla a chance to overcome the knocks about its network performance, especially vs. IE 4 and 5. It could become a strong suit instead by adding features like HTTP debugging and telnet capabilities, and more user control over things like network timeouts. Add to this a more modular and XPCOM compliant library, and you have the makings of a less buggy and extensible lib.

Someone in Mozilla obviously saw the need for a complete netlib overhaul, so more power to them!