Firefox Marketing Project, Week 2

Thursday July 15th, 2004

Blake Ross writes: "Many thanks to everyone who participated in our first marketing project. As I write this, 1369 people have given Firefox a 96% approval rating, and 1220 people have rated it straight fives across the board. Firefox is now on the most popular list, above other heavyweights like MSN Messenger, AIM, and Winamp. This was an amazing launch to our 'ten weeks, ten ideas, ten million downloads' community marketing campaign.

"For our second initiative, we're stepping it up a bit and asking you to help us manage the enormous volume of press coverage that our products enjoy daily. We're seeking to mobilize a team of determined individuals that can manage itself in identifying three types of press coverage — factually inaccurate stories, stories that don't mention Firefox or Thunderbird but should, and stories that are factually correct and balanced — and respond to them accordingly. A new mailing list will be used to coordinate daily activity; the team will be determined, focused, easily mobilized and not prone to the sort of long and aimless discussions that plague other lists. The Foundation's in-house press relations team will continue to handle the 'tier 1', most prominent stories, but for everything else we need your help. More information about the initiative and how you can help is available at my blog."

#4 Quit your whiny bitching

by asa <>

Thursday July 15th, 2004 9:50 PM

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Quit your whining. We _are_ a grassroots movement and there's nothing wrong with this project utilizing all of it's resources the best way it can. No one at Mozilla suggested anyone do anything having anything to do with Opera and both Blake and I asked people to give their honest reviews at I have no doubt that Firefox totally rocks and my honest review is 5 stars. I suspect that's a common attitude among Firefox users so I didn't feel any need to tell people to rate things a 5.

I honestly don't care what you hope to accomplish with your bitching but it's a waste of pretty much everyone's time so cut it out or take it somewhere else. You're offering nothing of value to the Mozilla community and your anonymous posting is a pretty good tip off that you're not looking for light as much as heat. Well, I, for one, ain't interested in your trolling and I've got no problems calling you on it. This community has better things to do than get dragged down by whiners.

Boo-hoo! Blake was hoping people would rate Firefox high. Boo-hoo. How dare Firefox developers expect Firefox users to like their software! Waaaaahhh.

Seriously, grow up.