Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2 Released

Wednesday July 14th, 2004

The Mozilla Foundation has just released Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2, following a short trunk freeze that began at the end of June. In this release, users can open blocked popups and consolidate all their POP3 mail in a global inbox. Initial support for the new Netscape Plugin API extensions has also been implemented.

In May, the Foundation switched to a new milestone schedule with a longer alpha period and two alpha releases in each development cycle. The next freeze is scheduled for Wednesday 4th August, with the target for Mozilla 1.8 Beta set at couple of days later.

More information about 1.8a2 is available in the Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2 Release Notes. Builds can be downloaded from the the mozilla1.8a2 directory on

#13 I see that too

by SomeGuy

Thursday July 15th, 2004 3:37 AM

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I have been seeing this to under Windows recently too. It mainly seems to happen when I open an older version of Mozilla or Netscape an then open another more recent version. Very annoying and ugly. I wish someone would fix this. This is even happening in the recent nightlys even though <> claims it is "fixed".