Updated Mozilla Firefox Roadmap Targets 1.0 Release for September 14th

Monday July 12th, 2004

Ben Goodger has updated the Mozilla Firefox Roadmap with the latest information about the path to 1.0. Development will remain on the AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH (itself cut from the Mozilla 1.7 branch) until 1.0, with three releases candidates planned. The launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 for Windows and Linux is currently scheduled for Tuesday 14th September. The Mac OS X version will be released a little later, following additional work to make Firefox fit in the Aqua look and feel. Further details about the updated Roadmap, including information on nominating blocker bugs, have been posted to the Firefox General forum.

#1 please delay it 1.5-2 months

by dipa

Monday July 12th, 2004 11:56 PM

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Well, I don't know if there are similar threads elsewhere in Mozillazine nor I want to be flamed. But, imho, there's no way of implementing a stable release at the proposed date. At least, not with the quality characteristics of Mozilla 1.0. There are still some features going into the branch and it makes sense to have a month for release candidates. The extension/theme management system issues have not been totally fixed and the update mechanism is not tested yet. Besides, I would expect August to be be a dead period for many people involved.

Mozilla 1.0 made an impact with its maturity. I would like FF to follow,despite the reduced recources. In any case, the community will try to follow but 14th of September is overly optimistic to me.