Mozilla Browsers Gains on IE

Saturday July 10th, 2004

Anonymous writes in with a link to a story on PC talking about how the recent IE security vulnerabilities have started to impact current browser marketshare. It goes on to state that Mozilla/Netscape browsers share of the market according to WebSideStory has gone up 26% in the last month, gaining almost an entire percentage point overall, with IE losing 1 percent of its share. It attributes this to people trying out Mozilla based browsers because of concerns for security, and points out, "Once people start examining the features of Mozilla versus Internet Explorer instead of looking at a brand name... I think they'll see there's a lot more value."

#11 Does CERT list "many" Security Holes in Mozilla

by peterlairo <>

Sunday July 11th, 2004 1:26 AM

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A coleague of mine said that there are as many security holes in Mozilla as in IE, just that they are not publicized. He stated as proof that CERT lists many Mozilla secirity issues.

I *briefly* looked at a search for "mozilla" in CERT, and the two issues i looked at were resolved. It might be useful to analyze all CERT issues and formulate some effective "standard response" to such (valid?) criticism.

He also claimed that mozilla holes are little known because keeps them "secret" (security by obscurity isn't good, is it?). An effective one-liner response would be helpful.