Timeline of Mozilla shell: Security Vulnerability

Friday July 9th, 2004

Adam Sacarny writes: "I have created a timeline of the latest security bug. It shows how quickly the Mozilla developers handled the problem, tracking from the first mention in Bugzilla to the last CVS commit to the webpage. Readers get a peak into how development works over at, in particular into how security issues get resolved."

We reported on the shell: security vulnerability yesterday. A NewsForge commentary also praises the speed with which the exploit was patched. A slightly more pessimistic view can be found in an article from Enterprise Security Today (part of the NewsFactor Network) entitled Mozilla Security Nightmare Begins (according to Bart Decrem, the author of the article did contact the Mozilla Foundation for comments but they lost his number and could not return the call).

Update: Adam, author of the timeline, has written a followup post with further commentary on the bug and its fix.

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by PhilScott

Monday July 12th, 2004 3:56 AM

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Yeah, I forgot about IE also being Windows Explorer for a bit there, so anything typed into the address bar acts as if it was done in Win Explorer instead.

If done through a web page then on SP1 it acts as if it's on a remote site, giving the download box for whatever program you link to or it handles HTML as part of the website. On SP2, it acts as if the download is remote but the test links for other local things on <> don't work at all. Much better than I thought..