One Thousand Reviews of Firefox

Thursday July 8th, 2004

Blake Ross and Asa Dotzler today kicked off a new community marketing program called One thousand reviews of Firefox. The hope is to have 1000 reviews of Firefox posted on's Firefox page. They encourage people to first vote honestly, then encourage their friends to also do so. Read more about the program on Asa's and Blake's weblogs.

#1 277 so far...

by mlefevre

Thursday July 8th, 2004 11:31 AM

at the time of posting this. Shouldn't be hard to get 1000 in a week if we can do over 200 in a day.

However, if I understand correctly, 0.9.2 could set this back rather, because the votes and reviews seem to get cleared for each new version, so we'll have to start again soon!

#3 Re: 277 so far...

by kss

Thursday July 8th, 2004 1:23 PM

233 just for today 08July and counting......

#2 Everyone save your review

by skyhopper88

Thursday July 8th, 2004 12:42 PM

"However, if I understand correctly, 0.9.2 could set this back rather, because the votes and reviews seem to get cleared for each new version, so we'll have to start again soon!"

Everyone make sure you save your review so you can repost it with the new release. Down to IE, up with Mozilla! Charge!!!!!!!!


#4 Spam

by permanentE

Thursday July 8th, 2004 1:50 PM

Spamming their comment board doesn't sound like a great idea to me. If the intent is to get the c|net guys to make firefox a "featured" application, I wouldn't think that a coordinated spam campaign would impress them, and, I'm sure they already know about firefox.

#5 i agree

by tsahi

Thursday July 8th, 2004 2:18 PM

this is pure spam, of the kind Asa and Blake don't want to see in comments in their blogs. why do they encourage it in other places?

#6 Spam? Nonsense.

by Grauw

Thursday July 8th, 2004 3:52 PM

The c|net comments are being used exactly what they are meant for. I don't see how that qualifies as spam. It's entirely on-topic.

#7 It ain't spam

by adamb

Thursday July 8th, 2004 5:06 PM

I agree with Grauw. How is this spam? Aren't all the reviewers actual users of Firefox? Is anyone being encouraged to falsify their review or submit multiple reviews? Are we going to be troubling or irritating c|net by demonstrating how many users of firefox actually love their browser?

Because most Firefox users are not like most mainstream web users, this is a very wise move. is huge when it comes to how the end user gets software. But most firefox users would typically download direct from rather than a third-party site. This is taking advantage of a clear opportunity for Firefox users who love their browser to demonstrate that love to a public that has at last seen IE's security issues brought to light in mainstream media.

A superb idea for sure!

#15 re: i agree

by tsahi

Saturday July 10th, 2004 12:21 PM

yes, but it's artificial. these aren't really comments from people who liked the software, and came back to recomend it. this is an organized attempt to divert the true balance between people who liked it and those who didn't, toward's a specific side. it will give visitors an unbalanced view of the browser.

#8 Balance the negatives with negatives

by danielwang

Thursday July 8th, 2004 7:34 PM

Go to the review page and click "Negatives Only". The IE community is fighting back. We need more Thumb-Downs to balance out these reviews. e.g.

"It's unfortunate that the MyIE community is crying foul when MyIE2's site has been forcing everyone to force download count using as the only avail download link (Unfair? I'd say so!)."

"It's unfortunate that, furthermore, the MyIE2 community has be ignorant of IE's insecurity. IMHO, MyIE2 faithfuls should start demand their developers to incorporate security fixes in their products. (Look at the IE-based NetCaptor for a nice example.)"

#12 Re: Balance the negatives with negatives

by arielb

Friday July 9th, 2004 3:48 AM

you gave Firefox a thumbs down so that people who click on "negative only" get to see a rebuttal? That's pretty clever

#9 progress report

by asa

Thursday July 8th, 2004 7:47 PM

I just wanted to poke my head in and let you all know that we're making great progress. It's the community that makes the difference and this is another opportunity for our community to take the message to the mainstream. You all have added nearly 400 reviews in one day alone. The listing has been updated to 0.9.2 for the windows security update and the reviews are all standing. Let's keep this going right through to 1.0!!


#10 It's not spam; It's as ham as it can be.

by asa

Thursday July 8th, 2004 7:52 PM

oh, and I meant to say that permanentE's comment, "Spamming their comment board doesn't sound like a great idea to me." doesn't make a lot of sense. In the first place, it's not a comment board. It's a product review opportunity and welcomes users to post reviews, that's why they have it. The more reviews, the more value to their download customers. No one is asking anyone to post any dishonest reviews here, either. We're very explicitely requesting that users of Firefox post their honest review of the product. We're so confident that all of our users love Firefox, that I think it probably is a safe bet that asking our users to comment will lead to some positive reviews. Maybe I'm wrong about that but I'm willing to gamble ;-)


#13 Re: It's not spam; It's as ham as it can be.

by mlefevre

Friday July 9th, 2004 12:06 PM

You're not explicitly encouraging bad things, but that doesn't mean that it won't happen as a side effect.

Someone already admitted to posting multiple reviews. Many of the "reviews" are content-free "Firefox 0wns" comments which are pointless, and Opera does seem to have attracted several "Opera is lame, use Firefox instead" reviews. If you encourage a group of people to do take some action to make a point, it's pretty much inevitable that a few of them will take it too far. However, I don't see that that means you shouldn't try and do it at all. Anyway, if the c|net folks don't like it, it's not hard for them to clear the reviews or edit them or block them.

Up to 714 now, so we should get to 1000 well within the week...

#11 use slashdot?

by arielb

Friday July 9th, 2004 3:42 AM

if you really want to get the word out on the review thing then why not try to get a story on slashdot?

To be honest however i am not such a big fan of these "get the word out to the people one by one" campaigns especially since Firefox isn't 1.0 yet. A far better approach would be to go after developers to get them to fix bugs and add features-help make firefox to be so superior that everyone will have to use it. For example, there is one developer, who is working very hard on optimizing Firefox using hand coded assembler and his efforts are paying off- the top ten browsers are all optimized versions of firefox . So no, now isn't the time to go after Joe user who uses imesh (75 million downloads from and #5 on the list!) and doesn't care that it's full of spyware junk. Go after the cream of the crop-the developers, web designers, academics and students, IT people, governments

#16 Re: Argh...2

by roc

Tuesday July 13th, 2004 10:57 AM

> there is one developer, who is working very hard on optimizing Firefox using hand coded > assembler

Who is that?

#14 Credibility of posts

by sorange

Friday July 9th, 2004 12:46 PM

I have been using Mozilla, Firefox, and Thunderbird for all of one day now, and I'm dead impressed. I downloaded on the basis of CNET's editorial review of IE Alternatives. However, I also checked the user reviews, both positive and negative and found myself agreeing with one of the comments made in the negative column - that the number of reviews, so close to each other in date and time, looked "fishy". As I read further I could see the positive reviews were different from each other, but I did find their proximity to each other suspicious.

Just some feedback FWIW. I will be telling friends etc. about my impressions with using the software, and let them know Moz & Co. have some great alternatives out there. Yesterday I downloaded 10 "critical" updates on the Windows Update site, some to do with IE, and that was after doing a thorough set of downloads just 3 weeks ago. Enough is enough!

#17 Congradulations

by Smigit

Wednesday July 14th, 2004 2:10 PM

congradulations to everyone, we have over 1000 reviews with the averages being 5's (with 5 being the top) for stability, ease of use and features. Perfect marks for all 3 criterion.

Of all the ratings 96% are positives and 4% negatives (at current theres 1339 ratings).

Theres a total of 1197 reviews as of this moment.