MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Monday July 5th, 2004

Several readers wrote in to tell us that the MSN Slate Magazine ran an article recommending Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer last week. Author Paul Boutin mainly prefers Firefox for security reasons, with the browser's lack of support for ActiveX eliminating many virus and spyware concerns. While Slate is owned by Microsoft, it should be noted that the publication has always maintained that it is editorially independent and that Boutin is a freelance journalist.

#32 Re: Re: Slightly OT: what should AOL users do?

by Smigit

Thursday July 8th, 2004 7:46 AM

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you could get them to minimise the AOL browser and use FF instead. however that doesnt fix the problem, only a really loose way around and IE will still be open, but the less you do on it the less chance you have of being effected.

In any event i used to have AOL a long time ago and did this not for security reasons but because AOL browser is simply useless.

Rather than looking for somerthing to replace the IE aspect with gecko, perhaps you could find sopme tools that allow you to dialin to the AOL network without using the AOL browser. I dont know how AOL broaband operates but for dialup you had to have the browser open to be connected so if you could just remove the browser from the equation thatd be a good start. I doont however know of any apps that could do this, but i would bet my last dollar theres one or someone has at least tried