MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Monday July 5th, 2004

Several readers wrote in to tell us that the MSN Slate Magazine ran an article recommending Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer last week. Author Paul Boutin mainly prefers Firefox for security reasons, with the browser's lack of support for ActiveX eliminating many virus and spyware concerns. While Slate is owned by Microsoft, it should be noted that the publication has always maintained that it is editorially independent and that Boutin is a freelance journalist.

#23 Re: Re: Re: FIrefox is a necessity

by Smigit

Wednesday July 7th, 2004 12:24 AM

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"And I REALLY doubt that these 65+ old geezers would promote Firefox"

I agree, I dont think its Firefox's users job to promote the browser or even recomend it. If the marketing sector of the group does its job well enough other people shouldnt have to be the ones promoting it. Sure, recomendations by friends go a long way but the project will survive if 1 person does chose not to promote it.