MSN Slate Magazine: "Firefox trumps Internet Explorer"

Monday July 5th, 2004

Several readers wrote in to tell us that the MSN Slate Magazine ran an article recommending Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer last week. Author Paul Boutin mainly prefers Firefox for security reasons, with the browser's lack of support for ActiveX eliminating many virus and spyware concerns. While Slate is owned by Microsoft, it should be noted that the publication has always maintained that it is editorially independent and that Boutin is a freelance journalist.

#16 Default Browser in new PCs

by PC1

Tuesday July 6th, 2004 9:20 AM

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As long as computers are shipped with IE as default, and as long as one cannot update windows with ease as with IE, their article may not result in any significant change in the browser market share.

Look at it this way. Most viruses and email worms come thru Outlook and yet most people still use it even afetr being infected more than once. Switching to other email cliets is also as easy as switching to another browser. Switching to Linux (since windows is less secure and more susceptable to viruses, etc...) is on the other hand more dificult.

I do not see a lot of people switching from IE unless FF and/or Opera are installed by default in new computers (with no IE).