Something Fishy in Neoplanet's Tech Release?

Thursday April 15th, 1999

Apparently there is some question as to the origins of the ActiveX wrapper used in Neoplanet's Technology Release (announced today - see previous news item).

According to NeoPlanet's press release,

Neoplanet has already been actively working through, but today stated it will both dedicate a fulltime staff of engineers for future development as well as develop and contribute a key piece of Active-X control technology to the browser engine, which enables the Gecko browsing engine to be embedded in NeoPlanet's browser which supports Internet Explorer.

However, we get quite a different story from Adam Lock, creator of the ActiveX wrapper for Mozilla. From his post to mozilla.general:

I read their press release. It makes it sound like they wrote and developed an ActiveX control wrapper for the NGLayout and then in the spirit of openness generously donated it to the Mozilla project... The truth is slightly different however. All they have done is take an existing component _already_ in Mozilla, namely the IE-compatible ActiveX wrapper control (written by myself), renamed it as neomozctl.dll and then claimed credit for writing it. Needless to say I am pissed.

To see how Adam's ActiveX wrapper is taking shape, visit his "official" Mozilla ActiveX page here.

#6 Re:Something Fishy in Neoplanet's Tech Release?

by Chris Knoll <>

Thursday April 15th, 1999 10:36 AM

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I hope Adam isn't TOO pissed about this. I mean, It's kidnda a complement to have someone claim ownership of someone elses efforts. Also, if this leads to a big skermish, it might drive away other third parties from using or tweaking code and then calling it their own. I can imagine that I would be pissed about it, but in the long run, I would know the truth about it, and know that it isn't worth casting a shadow over the whole project because one other group wants to take the credit. The whole Mozilla team knows the truth in the situation (as well as people reading this web site) so don't make a big deal about it...let it roll over you.