Firefox, Thunderbird Minor Upgrades Released

Tuesday June 29th, 2004 today released upgrades to both Firefox 0.9 (0.9.1) and Thunderbird 0.7 (0.7.1) to fix some minor bugs present in both releases. Both releases correct some flaws in the extension system that some users may have been experiencing, as well as a new icon set for the navigation toolbar on Windows and Linux in Firefox 0.9.1. All users of both products should get this upgrade. Builds are available for Firefox 0.9.1 and Thunderbird 0.7.1, as well as updated release notes (Fx, Tb) for both.

#22 Hmm...

by Jugalator

Tuesday June 29th, 2004 6:56 AM

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"(how long will it take for such a minor bug to be fixed?)"

It's obviously not getting a high priority exactly because the bug is minor. You shouldn't look for polish like that in a pre-beta release anyway.

"Don't like the new default theme either - boring and generic."

That's because there's a theme manager for people like you.

"Buggy Rheme and Extension managers (tiny bugs but still bugs)."

That's because it's not 1.0.

"Still no single window mode by default."

That's because it's just a minor patch to 0.9. Expect that in maybe 1.1, 1.2 or so...