WHATWG Looking for Comments on First Draft of Web Forms 2

Sunday June 27th, 2004

Ian Hickson writes: "The WHATWG is looking for comments on the first stable draft of the Web Forms 2.0 specification. The Web Forms 2.0 specification addresses requests made for new features to be added to the Forms features in HTML4. New features include new input control types for dates, times, e-mail addresses, and numbers; a new client-side validation model; a way to mark input controls as required; a repetition model; control over form submission so that forms can be updated instead of causing the page to be replaced; and more. Comments should be sent to the WHATWG mailing list."

#18 Re: Impressive

by Ashmodai <>

Monday July 5th, 2004 9:06 AM

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I'm even more impressed by the readability of that spec. The normative parts are very precise, yet they are easy to understand.

Definitely something the W3C has yet to learn.