WHATWG Looking for Comments on First Draft of Web Forms 2

Sunday June 27th, 2004

Ian Hickson writes: "The WHATWG is looking for comments on the first stable draft of the Web Forms 2.0 specification. The Web Forms 2.0 specification addresses requests made for new features to be added to the Forms features in HTML4. New features include new input control types for dates, times, e-mail addresses, and numbers; a new client-side validation model; a way to mark input controls as required; a repetition model; control over form submission so that forms can be updated instead of causing the page to be replaced; and more. Comments should be sent to the WHATWG mailing list."

#14 Re: Graceful degradation and back-door implementat

by michaelg <>

Monday June 28th, 2004 11:24 PM

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Given that Web Forms 2 won't remove the need to do server-side validation (you'll still need to check that the supplied data *is* a date, that a string doesn't exceed maxlength, etc.) then it will degrade gracefully anyway: When the user submission fails server-side validation, the form will need to be redisplayed indicating what the problem is. So it doesn't really matter if a browser does or doesn't support Web Forms 2, or if you emulate if using JS or not.

What Web Forms 2 does is free web devlopers from having to clutter up their pages with redundant JS just to get a nice user experience. I'd be inclined to let people who use browsers that don't support the new spec just have a less-than-nice user experience rather than still doing JS validation. Give them some impetus to upgrade to a useful browser.